About Slimtree - Our Mission and Motto

Our mission is to inspire and help the world become healthier and happier through holistic fitness of the body, mind and spirit.

With us you can Learn What Matters when it comes to fitness, Set Your Sights on the right goals, Love Your Routine every day and every week, Nurture Your Mind to be positive and motivated, Tone Your Body into the shape you want, Lift Your Spirits by getting small wins every day, Celebrate Your Self for every step forward, Inspire Others through your story and commitment, and Spread Happiness and hope for all those yearning to be fit.

Our motto is to Guide Your Fitness. We believe you are in control of your fitness through the goals you aspire for, the choices you make, and the actions you take. We are there to lend a helping hand - to guide your fitness through our core tenets of holistic fitness, educated and easy action, and social power.

Holistic Fitness: We are passionate about holistic fitness in which one strives to keep the mind, spirit and body fit with an intelligent balance between mindfulness, lifestyle, and discipline powered by the desire and drive to improve, inspire and celebrate being fit.

Educated, Easy Action:  We believe that education helps create and spread awareness, and in turn awareness and easy access make it more likely to take action and overcome challenges. We build awareness by curating and organizing video and article content into different topics that span many aspects of holistic fitness. We foster easy action by providing videos, tools, and tips to get up and get going.

Social Power: We allow you to tap into the power of community and friends to stay the course, celebrate your achievements, and be an inspiration for others on the journey of fitness.

On Slimtree.com - The Broadband Gym we offer you a compelling combination of content, community and coaching:

  • Content: High-quality exercise videos exclusively created by Slimtree and taught by qualified professionals, carefully selected fitness-related videos from YouTube, and informative articles curated from all around the web.
  • Community: Groups and online communities on many topics that together cover a broad spectrum of important areas in mind and body fitness.
  • Coaching: Platform for fitness coaches of all types (trainers, dieticians, nutrionists, health coaches, and others) to engage, motivate, monitor and interact with new and existing clients.

Slimtree.com is an online service provided by Healthiversity Inc., a California Corporation.

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