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If you are trainer, yoga instructor, dietician, nutrionist, physical therapist, meditation expert, or a wellness coach, you can create a coach account on to create and market your brand, expand your reach, grow your business, and deepen client relationships.

Here are the simple steps to become a coach on Slimtree.

1. Sign up for free coach account by using a valid email address. Apply for Coach Account

If you already have a regular user account using the same email address, you will need to provide a different email address for the coach account. In the coach account sign up form we will ask you about your personal information such as name and location, specialty, years of experience, credentials and awards.

This information will help us review and approve (or reject) your coach account request. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your coach account request.

2. Look for decision notification

Once received, we will review your request as soon as possible and notify you of our decision via email. If your coach account request is denied, we will provide the explanation so that you can reapply after providing any missing information or consider signing up for a regular user account instead.

If your request is approved, we will activate your coach account  and you will receive a second email from Slimtree with the account information and subscription notification to our mailing list.

3. Log in as coach and get going!

Log in using your coach account credentials. When you log in for the first time as coach, you will be presented with additional welcome information to guide and get you going as a coach on Slimtree.

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