How It Works helps guide your fitness whether you are a motivated user seeking to improve fitness or a fitness coach ready to help your clients get fit. Slimtree is easy to use, share with friends and family, and weave into your daily fitness lifestyle.

If you are a certified fitness coach, Slimtree works for you in much the same way, with some important differences outlined below. 


For a Coach

For a User

  • Signing up is super easy and free. You can then update your personal profile, go to the Dashboard, or visit other pages: What’s Hot?, Videos, Coaches, Groups, Discussions and Blogs. Read on to find out more.

  • Signing up as a certified fitness coach is also simple and free, but requires our review and approval. Tell us about your specialty, credentials, awards, and years of experience. We'll review your request as quickly as we can and notify you along with your membership information if approved.  

  • Your Profile
  • Update your personal profile to tell us more about you and your interests. The more complete your profile is, the more we can help you discover Slimtree content that matters to you.
  • Showcase your specialty, experience, credentials and awards. Your profile is where potential clients discover you and existing clients come back to connect with you.


  • Your Dashboard
  • Easily access Slimtree content of interest to you. Discover new or recently watched fitness videos. Create or join your community groups of interest, discussion or blog. Post a YouTube fitness video of your liking. Invite your friends on Facebook or via email to join Slimtree. Track your coaches, groups or group discussions. Use tools to track your weight, calculate your BMI, define your workout schedule, or learn about diet and nutrition.
  • Also track how many groups you lead, the count of members in your groups, your rating from Slimtree users, and how many videos you’ve uploaded.


  • See What's Hot
  • Find the pulse of Slimtree here! Discover top videos, new groups, new coaches, popular blog posts and discussions, and much more!


  • See Videos
  • Make your move closer to better fitness with our compelling selection of high quality, instructor-led exercise videos. Cardio, Aerobics, Abs, Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, and much more - you choose as long as you move! Also enjoy other fitness videos we’ve selected for you from YouTube.
  • Meet Coaches
  • Meet the experts! Find the registered coaches you like and want to follow. Learn about their specialty, experience, credentials, and user ratings. Discover and join the groups and discussions they lead.
  • Get Social
  • Get social and make community count! Sift through fitness groups, enjoy group content (videos, discussions and blog posts),  and join the groups that fit your interests or interest your fitness! Share your fitness wisdom with others.

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