CNN LogoUse Online Videos to Bring the Gym to Your Home, courtesy of the AP, covered what may just be one of the most beneficial aspects of online video to hit in recent memory. Sure, it's great fun to see a guy run himself over with his own car, or to see a teenager accidentally light himself on fire, but at the end of the day, technology is here to enrich our lives, not mock them (although, those videos are good for a hearty laugh). With broadband usage hovering near 70% in the US, online videos have become a very approachable technology of recent and several companies like SlimTree are jumping in feet first to get you in shape.

The benefit to these services are easy to start counting. For one, you can now get "certified" instructors into your house for a fraction of the cost. Secondly, you no longer have to worry about the potential embarrassment of having to go to a gym and sweat in front of complete strangers. Oh yeah - that's the other benefit: not having to go to a gym. Of course, the article quotes several trainers who are less than enthusiastic about this new trend, although a few of them did think these sites could be very good supplements to hands-on routines. Regardless, online video is opening up a floodgate of opportunities not only for entertaining us, but for making us healthier as well.

USA Today Logo Tired of the commute to the gym? Embarrassed to be seen sweating in public? Bored with your workout video? Now there are alternatives to the gym — and to exercise videos and cable TV fitness shows...

This format is still in its infancy. But experts say technological advancements, such as fitness equipment with Internet connections and the ability to hook the computer up to the television, have helped popularize Web-based exercise.

She Knows Logo Slimtree Inc. has tapped into a rapidly growing market of people who regularly view videos online. In fact, an estimated 81 million people, or 63 percent of the 129 million people who access the Internet over broadband in the US, watch broadband video at home or at work.

Slimtree’s not just about videos: You can also set up your own training group, track your weight, get your BMI, and log your favorite workouts and recipes on the site. Plus, there’s an entire channel dedicated to diet (including food pyramid facts and a fast-food calorie counter), so you can make your meals match your fitness-focused lifestyle.

Business Wire Logo The company has uniquely married wellness, mobility and cutting-edge technology to deliver The Broadband Gym - a free online video-based exercise program designed for those who desire the convenience, privacy, cost-savings and flexibility to exercise, with expert instruction, at anytime 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world.

No1 Reviews Logo All-in-all, Slimtree provides an accessible and lifestyle-friendly library of health information and exercise advice which, for no money at all, is very good value. The only drawback of free sites such as this is that they can't afford to allocate you an online personal trainer or tailor a dietary and workout program to your specific needs, like paid subscription sites. That aside, Slimtree may well offer you everything you need.


That's Fit Logo Are you a frequent traveler? Always on the go? Can't find time to hit the gym? Then this might just be for you ... Even if you're a homebody, this might be a great way to round out your indoor fitness routine and to keep things interesting.

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Marketwire Logo to Give Fitness-Minded Holiday Travelers Ultimate Exercise Mobility - the Convenience, Privacy, Cost-Savings and Flexibility to Exercise, with Expert Instruction, at Anytime, from Anywhere in the World; Industry Leading Web TV Channel Now Offering Viewers More Than 100 Online Fitness Videos.

PRWeb Logo In an extremely competitive industry dominated by large companies like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Medifast and Ediets, has accomplished another exciting industry first by enabling consumers to download fitness videos to their PCs and mobile devices, adding another important step to the company's mission of bringing together wellness and mobility.

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