I've been doing the 20 min ab workout and then the 20 min buns and thigh workout for over a month now, three times a week. I miss the workout if I don't do it and feel really good that I am doing something about my aging body instead of just complaining!

Sharon (member)

Michigan, USA

I just signed up for the on-line workout program. My position requires me to sit most of the day and I am gaining weight. I was very active in aerobics at one time. I found Slimtree and this is exactly what I was looking for. I love your instructors. I'm ready to make lifestyle changes.

Kat G. (member)


I have only joined Slimtree recently and am already feeling the benefits of your virtual exercise classes. I find this to be a brilliant online gym site - if only I had found it months ago!!

J.Sullivan (member)


By waking up only 30 minutes earlier in the morning, I can do Pilates and Yoga in my own living room. Now I have more energy at work and I am happier because I feel great!

Amanda Nadig (member)

Chicago, IL

I have been doing kickboxing 5 days a week. I've seen a big difference. I lost an inch from my waist and my legs are more tone and sexy. THANKS SLIMTREE!

Shana Guins (member)

Bronx, NY

The best thing about Slimtree.com is how simple it works. You can come from work and just turn on your computer and in a couple of seconds you are in your private gym. I think it is really convenient, especially for working moms or busy women.

Elizabeth (member)


I lost 5 pounds in 5 days!

Linda (member)


Slimtree.com is amazing. I love its concept of broadband gym, which suits my lifestyle perfectly. I use Slimtree.com to get fit, and the wide variety of exercises available enables me to choose and plan my workouts according to my fitness goals. I used to attend a gym near my workplace consistently, but later due to work, I became irregular. This is where Slimtree.com fits perfectly, and it's so flexible (because it's online) I do not have to sacrifice my workout! I'm seeing great results just by using Slimtree.com.

Alice (member)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By following a calorie controlled diet and using SlimTree.com, I lost 12 pounds.

Jake (member)


I am a mom of two and find it hard to make time to go to the gym. I am not overweight but I enjoy your service to help me unwind, reduce stress and just keep fit without having to leave my home. Thank you Slimtree.com!

J.P. (member)


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